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"I had the opportunity to start training 2 times a week with Mark and a group of my friends at the end of July. Since then I have lost over 25 lbs and gained so much strength and confidence! The best part about training with Mark is he personalizes every workout to target exactly what you want to work on. You are guaranteed to leave one of his sessions feeling confident that you just got a great workout in! On off days, I am able to use the knowledge I have gained from training with Mark to get my best workouts in on my own! I was so excited when Mark came out with his 12 week journal because I knew it was exactly what I needed to challenge me and keep me on track towards my goals! My experience so far has been life changing, I am starting week 5 of the journal and have already reached my weight loss goal that I had set for the end of the 12 weeks. Most importantly, I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and even my mental health! Mark is extremely helpful even on days off, and is very fast to respond to any questions you may have. One of the best things about the journal is it brings organization into your eating and workout schedule so you can go back and see what works best for you. The 12 week journal is truly the best tool for achieving your personal goals and instilling great habits into your everyday routine!"

Before and After

"In just 2 months of training with Mark I scaled my first rock face in 15 years."


"The transformation I have made since working out with Mark has been incredible! I came to him focused on very specific goals - to get stronger, leaner and more defined. I have surpassed my goals and continue to get stronger every session. I have also learned better technique, gained more confidence in the weight room and I am more motivated than ever! Thank you Mark for your consistent energy, motivation and for helping keep me focused!"


"I crossed the finish line on my first marathon, thanks to Mark and his specialized training program!"


I started working with Coach Mark in August of 2020.

In only 6 weeks I had lost 15 pounds.


As I pass into the new year I have lost over 18 pounds of fat and have gained muscle mass.


Coach Mark does a great job of keeping every workout different and fun.  He is a former athlete himself, so competition is a frequent source of motivation in his workouts.

Coach Mark is a fantastic personal trainer but an even better person! I fully recommend Mark to anyone looking to improve their health and wellness.


"I have been training with Mark as a coach for over three years now. He is energetic, passionate, and caring. I know that when I choose to train with Mark, I will get a thoughtful, challenging, and fun workout. Even as my goals have changed from wanting to run long distance and lose body fat to maintaining my fitness levels throughout a pregnancy, Mark has pushed me in a number of ways I couldn’t have pushed myself. He has modified exercises when I needed him too, and has motivated me when I have doubted myself. I am grateful to have Mark in my life as a trainer, but ultimately as a friend. Everyone needs a Marky V in their life!"


"Coach Mark is one of a kind! He has the personality to light up any room. He is knowledgeable, encouraging, and committed to his clients and their overall heath! I have been coached and trained by many, but Coach Mark is hands down the best. Only he can get you to run a 30 second all out sprint at 12.0 mph while at a 5% incline!!!! I highly recommend training with him."


"Mark has helped me achieve many fitness goals that I never thought possible.  His commitment to my ideas and the areas that I want to improve on are well thought out and consistent. He remembers my goals which makes me feel that he cares. He is kind and compassionate. The standards he sets for himself to constantly improve and learn are an inspiration to me. He makes me want to be better. Mark has an intuitive ability that allows him to meet you where you are, support you when you need it most, push you when you need it most and he adapts to changes that make you your best with precision and grace."


I have been training with Coach Mark Villella for almost four months now, and the progress that I have made is nothing short of monumental. Not only have I lost 16 pounds, but I have also started to see muscle definition, I am stronger, faster, more energetic, and more focused and disciplined than I have ever been in my entire life. I train with Mark up to six times a week, individually, with a partner, or in a small group. Getting up early in the morning to go to the gym to train has become my favorite activity of the day. It does not even matter what we are training because I know Mark will make it fun and interesting! And the best part of our sessions is that I always leave the gym knowing that I got a great workout in. With the help of Mark’s custom workouts and individual attention, I have been able to achieve many short term goals that I didn’t even believe were possible for me four months ago, like running a mile or doing a pull up.  His twelve-week journal released at the perfect moment for me as I was getting ready to set some new goals. It has helped take my journey to the next level by allowing me to track my workouts, diet, and progress. My favorite part of the journal is being able to physically go back and look at what is working for me versus what is not, then continue pushing forward. I am just starting week five have already noticed that I am leaner with even more muscle definition than week one. Working with Mark has been absolutely life changing for me, not just physically, but mentally as well. His positive energy and encouraging attitude are contagious. I am forever grateful for all the time and effort he has put into my personal fitness journey; and the best part is, this is only the beginning!     

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